10+ Indian Brands Are Giving Tough Competition To Foreign Brands

India is emerging as one of the biggest business hubs in the world. India has a huge number of customers/consumers inside the country and labor cost is also the lowest in the world. That means no place can be better to invest in India and make money. Well, many foreign companies are doing good in India and competition in the market is tough in pretty much all the spheres for the Indian brand. Like many developing economies, Indian businesses face tough competition from foreign brands. It is not a hidden secret that a lot of people in the country prefer foreign brands over Indian products for there is this myth that the quality and the services of the former are better. Nevertheless, there are some Indian companies that have settled themselves very well and are giving very tough competition to foreign corporations.

Here are the lists of Indian Brand which are doing better:

1. Bajaj

Bajaj claim’s itself the world’s most favorite India. Bajaj serves their bike in many foreign countries. In fact in Mexico, Bajaj’s pulsar is one of the most popular bike brands. In the recent past, Bajaj bought 49% stake in KTM. Argentina also has good users of Bajaj bike.

2. Royal Enfield

Cruise bike has fans across the globe and as India has. The company that manufactures one of the highest-selling motorcycle brands in India started in Chennai. Royal Enfield produces bikes that have a great reputation for durability and speed. Most men in the country set a personal goal of buying a Royal Enfield for themselves. They are also in demand abroad and are exported in bulk to European and American countries.

3. Jaguar

Jaguar is a popular name which makes world-class luxury cars.
Jaguar has its headquarters in Whitney, England. But the brand is owned by India’s Tata Motors. The company is also known to have some royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Moreover, the company also makes a new car on the demands of the British Prime Minister.

4. Old Monk

Although, whiskey is the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. India has the craze for Rum and especially on the high elevation areas.
Old Monk has claimed the title of being the best rum company in all of India and some foreign countries. Old Monk was started in 1954 by Mohan Meakin Limited. Produced in Ghaziabad, the rum is sold extensively across India and also loved in Russia, UAE, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

5. ITC (Imperial Tobacco Company)

They started off at Kolkata in 1910, and struggled in its early phase but is now a conglomerate that was also featured in the Forbes’ list. Its five diversified businesses are Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business and Information Technology. ITC owns multiple businesses including Aashirwaad Foods, Gold Flake Cigarettes, Classmate stationery, John Player clothing line, Fiama Di Wills, etc. Moreover, they own hotel chains like MyFortune and WelcomHotel.

6. Café Coffee Day

American started Starbucks, India got Café Coffee Day. This is a Bengaluru based brand which started in 1996 but came in fame in the recent past. It is known as the best place for coffee and other beverages besides snacks. Currently, It has over 1600 outlets all over the country and some outlets abroad. Cafe Coffee Day has also expanded outside India with its outlets in Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic, Malaysia, Egypt, and Nepal.

7. Louis Philippe

Louis Phillipe is a men’s apparel brand owned by the Aditya Birla Group. Louis Phillipe is among the best-known clothing brands in India, making affordable and amazing quality clothes. The brand is owned by Madura Lifestyle and Fashion a subsidiary of ABG. Louis Phillipe has over 200 outlets outside India and an outlet in every major and minor city of the country. They also own other popular clothing brands like Allen Solly, Peter England, and Van Heusen.

8. Infosys

Indians are popularly known for software engineer. Infosys is an Indian multinational company which was founded by Narayana Murthy in Banglore, Karnataka. The company provides its services in Information Technology, outsourcing services, data consultancies, etc. They continue to be the third-largest Information Technology based company from India and has a plethora of clients from countries like USA, Japan, China, Australia and parts of Europe.

9. Airtel

It is an established Indian multinational telecommunications services company which provides services in India and 20 other countries from Asia, 17 in Africa, and the Channel Islands. The headquarters is situated in New Delhi. It has over 300 million subscribers across the globe, making it one of the most successful companies in India in the field of telecommunications.

10. Lakmé

Launched to eliminate the reign of foreign cosmetic brands, Lakmé even runs a fashion event and has multiple beauty salons around the world. Lakmé is one of the biggest cosmetic lines in India. It is an Indian company that was started in 1952 and currently owned by Hindustan Unilever.

11. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

The last but not the least, Tata Consultancy Services has the highest market cap among any Indian company. It provides IT services, BPO, insurance, etc. TCS has 284 offices across 46 countries and 147 delivery centers in 21 countries. TCS is one of the fastest growing company not just in India, also in the world.

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