Stranger Things 3 Trailer: Demogorgon is huger now

Strangers Things is one the most popular horror title among the kids and with two of its season it already has won the hearts of viewer and the last episode was left with a hint of more monster plaguing Hawkins, and also the kids back together.

Netflix has pushed a trailer for the next season of Stranger Things and the trailer also proffers a historic nod to the ’80s era with Bruce Springsteen’s music, Steven Spielberg references and the wide-eyed kids beholding the sub-culture of shopping malls.

Joyce (Winona Ryder), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) Police Chief Hopper (David Harbour), Nancy (Natalia), and Steve (Joe Keery) are also featured in the trailer. The kids are now teenagers and things are changed now, even the Demogorgon are huger here. One of them says in this trailer “We are not kids anymore. What did you think? That we are just going to sit in my basement all day, playing?”, receiving in the aspect for the next season.

In this trailer, it has shown that kids have combined to a certain place, maybe for the summer and their adventure starts.

One summer can change everything, says the tagline. Strangers Things 3 will be premiering July 4th.

Here, the trailer.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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