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18 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Wolf dogs are any breed that has “wolf content” in their genetic makeup. This means that any cross breed with a dog and wolf is considered a wolf dog. Wolf dogs can be described as High, Mid, or Low wolf-content, depending on how much wolf is passed on to them.

However, these types of breeds (whether low or high content) present many challenges that even an expert dog owner would find difficult to overcome. Wolf dogs have a much higher set of daily needs, and you need to be prepared for the extra responsibilities with owning one. However, they can easily be tamed like domesticated dogs or even used as guard dogs if they go through a rigorous training regimen.

We at PoopBite will prove that even the most aggressive of dogs can be trained to live among humans in the most adorable way.

1. Wolfdogs must be handled by a trainer as early as 15 days after they’re born.

2. They are often very warm-hearted and want your love and attention.

3. They are very loyal and create deep bonds with their human friends.

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4. They also love cuddles and kisses!

5. They have endless energy and they are on the move all day long.

6. They love interacting with other animals, especially those close to their own size.

7. If they grow up in a house, they will recognize the family as their “pack” and will do anything for them.

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8. Those with high aggression can’t be tamed easily and shouldn’t be left in a house alone with kids.

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9. They listen carefully to what their owner tells them and follow their lead.

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10. They have remarkable senses, especially their eyesight, sense of smell, and hearing.

11. They don’t fully mature until they reach 3 years of age.

12. Female wolfdogs weigh 70-100 lbs and males weigh 80-125 lbs.

13. They love being out in nature and running around free.

14. They don’t do well when kept indoors for a long time.

15. Their life expectancy is between 12-15 years.

16. They are very alert when they’re in their own personal environment.

Image Source: Proteon – reddit

17. Their temperament can vary based on the breed of wolf and the domesticated dog that mated.

Image Source: Prostoilogin – pikabu

18. Dogs and wolves split from a common ancestor around 34,000 years ago.

Image: Source

Do you still believe that wolfdogs are dangerous? Share your thoughts with us down in the comment section!

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

He studied software engineering but wanted to be a writer since born. So, he followed his passion and ended up being a reporter for PoopBite. He has a very deep-seated interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. He is also a passionate photographer.

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