23 Photos Of Cats That Are So Beautiful That Can Make You Bring A Furry Friend Right On!

Cats are wonderful pets. They are fairly easy to look after, and the affection, and constant fun, and adventure they bring to your life is unparalleled. They will constantly show you unconditional love and seem to know if you are needing cheering up, and will come, and comfort you when you need it most. They are a constant source of amusement and very beneficial to everyone’s mental well being.

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They are very inquisitive creatures, and their sense of wonderment in the smallest of things is endearing. They are very safe pets on the most part, and won’t cause anywhere near as terrible injuries, as a dog can. They don’t require walking or constant babysitting. You don’t have to build your schedule around them, as you would with a dog if you had to work most of the day. The cost a lot less to feed, as they are smaller.

We have collected 23 photos of the most charming and magnificent cats the Internet has to offer.

1. And Hosico’s eyes can make you do whatever he desires you to.

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Mommy, tell me fairytale please 🙄

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2. There is a literal galaxy in its eyes.

Image Source: myhightide – reddit

3. What’s better than 1 cat? 3 of them!

4. So much fluff, we’re melting away.

5. This is Pudge, and he’s so adorable we can’t breathe.

6. Hamilton’s mustache could melt anybody’s heart.

7. This is Busya and she’s a posh lady from Russia.

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…хочется процитировать классика «ой да бляяяяяястяще….блястяще отыграли хорваты»🙊 И тут начались страшилки от мамДаши, что, мол, одного осьминога-предсказателя съели после неверногого предсказания…хрямкали, мол, его с причмокиванием…а потом включился свет на кухне и мамДаша загремела сковородками… Потом вернулась и все уснули…уф…😬вот зачем так пугать чесной народ то, а?!😾 Как говорится, чем выше по карьерной лестнице пойдешь, тем больнее потом падать. Посему, лучше раньше, чем позже – я снимаю с себя мантию🔮нострадаБуса и ухожу в домовалялки💬 (Шёпотом)Но Французы точно сделают Хорватию…😼тут и к палочке не подходи… #ЭтоФиаскоБратан #нострадаБус #бу #бусейка #бусильдос #кошка #кот #рыжийкот #кошкабуся #красныйнос #моямуррр #моями #британец #золотаяшиншила #instacat #instakotik #britishcat #bestcat #cat #orangecat #муррр #зеленыеглаза #topcatphoto #best_catsoftheworld #catsofinstagram #чм2018

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8. These twins look like they can predict the future.

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We noticed that there is a harmony everywhere. Our harmony is when everybody is home. If somebody is out for a vacation or business our girls feel that emptiness. Even if you take pictures of them one by one something seems missing. And only when they are together at the picture everything is perfect! What is your perfect state of harmony?😉🤗 ———————————————————— Мы заметили, что во всем существует гармония. Наша гармония – это когда все дома. Если кто-то уезжает в отпуск или командировку, наши девчонки чувствуют эту пустоту. Даже когда фотографируешь их по-отдельности, кажется, что чего-то не хватает. А когда они на фото вместе, сразу всё прекрасно! А когда вы чувствуете состояние гармонии?😉🤗 #sistwinization

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9. Muta, the Scotishfold, looks right into your soul.

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I'm fine, and you? . 暖かくなってきたね

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10. And Sky is probably a literal cloud with his white fur and blue eyes.

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“When you wake up and it’s not Friday.” #skytheragdoll

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11. This kitty is a cute little demon nobody would feel bad about selling their soul to.

Image Source: InboxMeYourKittyCats – imgur

12. This snow white lord looks at everybody with slight displeasure.

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Sometimes I think I’m a human. . . . . . #cat #cute #cats #cutecat #catsofinstagram #cutecats #love #lovecats #littlelordreginald #fluffy #fluffycat #weeklyfluff #adorable #catstagram #catoftheday #instacat #instagramcats #purr #meow #buzzfeed #buzzfeedanimals #britishlonghair #instagram #monday #9gag

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13. And this is Thor, an exotic Bengal boy.

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14. Snoopy is a forever-child with her shy smile.

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5yrs old today!!🍥#snoopybabe

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15. These Persian babies are probably impossible to see in the snow.

16. And around 3 kids could hide in Moggsy’s tail.

17. Smoothie is probably the most photogenic cat in the world.

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Interested versus bored. Which one are you atm?

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18. And this blue-eyed Romanian girl serves looks everywhere she goes.

19. This is not a boy, this is a full grown man!

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Fluffy Fuji💗 #mainecoon

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20. Aurora probably has the same hairstylist as Beyoncé.

21. And Mademoiselle lives her best life in France.

22. Venus must be the most unusual looking cat out there.

23. Look at this blue-eyed cutie, Coby, a British Shorthair boy.

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Wise beyond my three years.

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Don’t you think they’re the cutest creature?

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