5-Year-Girl Is Cruelly Beaten To Death By Mother & Her Lover

The unfulfilled desires and frustration among the people put the things to cruelty to achieve what they want to achieve. Talking about a recent incident, Kattuputhur town of Tamil Nadu observed a horrific murder which will make you question the amount of understanding left in this world. A 5-year-old girl was beaten to death by her 37-year-old mother, Nithya Kamala and her partner, Muthu Pandi, the report of News Minute.

An FIR under section IPC 302 (murder) was filed against Nithya and Muthu by Prasanna, who is Nithya’s ex-spouse. Prasanna also said that Nithya killed their child as she was appearing to be a barrier in her extra-marital relationship.

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Inquiries revealed that the girl was actually beaten by the lover Muthu in front of Nithya. The pain went on for two straight days in which she was bashed with a PVC pipe and a coconut tree branch.

When the girl collapsed after the beating, the couple took her to a primary health care center in Kattuputhur. They were asked to take her to Namakkal Government Hospital, where doctors questioned about the injuries. Nithya told the doctors that she had beaten her for watching too much TV. After the doctors recommended them to shift the girl to the Salem Government Hospital because of her severe situations, the girl was stated dead on entry.

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Nithya had Prasanna are still expecting their divorce. However, after filing for divorce, Nithya moved to Kattuputhur with her lover Muthu Pandi. Muthu also has his wife.

Sometimes, kinds of this incident put us appalled, Muthu, a stranger should also not have done, but a mother, a holy relation! We deeply wish that justice commands.

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