8 Strange Behaviors that normal in their Countries

Did you know the “Okay” sign indicates money in Japan, Zero in France and It is even recognized as a sexual insult in Brazil? Don’t gesture okay in Brazil, the result can be bad for you.

Culture and Location can make huge differences, a compliment can also be invective words. Let’s see what are the weirdest behaviors across the globe.

1.Kenya – Spitting to each other is showing respects.

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Masai tribes’ member uses to spit each other to show respect. I bet if you ever spit on your friend then they will unfriend you or even become an enemy. For many people, spitting can bring in a fistfight but for Masai people in Kenya and Northern Tanzania is a sign of blessing and respects. They also spit to their hand before shaking hand to others. In fact, when a baby born family and friends spit on a baby’s face to wish luck and prosperous life. Even the wedding doesn’t get complete without spitting. When a father gives their daughter to someone, he must spit off her forehead and her breast for happy married life.

2.Thailand – Patting on someone’s head is offensive

For most countries, patting someone to their head is a gesture of admiration and care but that’s not the case in Thailand. Thai people don’t let others touch their head because they completely believe that the head is the most sacred and important part of the body where your soul resides. And they allow patting their head only to those who are close. This command applies to Thai statues as well. It is so serious that barber or hair-dresser ask for apologizing in advance for touching the head.

3.South Korea – Writing someone’s name with Red ink is an assault.

Koreans don’t write the name with red. Red ink or colors is not used to write someone’s name. It’s perfectly fine to write the name in red for the rest of the world and many uses to make it more striking. In South Korea though, Locals will never do so. This superstition came from back in time when red ink was practiced to write the name of deceased people on the family register and nowadays if you write someone’s name with red ink indicates you wish them bad lucks and even death. Just in case if you’re learning Korean languages better to avoid red pen or pencil in the class.

4.Malaysia – Pointing to someone is disrespect.

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Pointing someone with an index finger in Malaysia is really rude and even offensive. It is okay to point objects or animals but not to the people. Malaysian people use first close the hand and then rise thumb before pointing someone. And this is also prevalent to Indonesia and Philippines which are neighbor countries of Malaysia.

5.Tibet – Putting tongue outside is a gesture of saying Hello.

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People from Tibet use their tongues to greet others and if you ever pay your visit to Tibet, You will get fun whenever you meet someone that’s total because Tibetans frequently use their tongue outside to say Hello. This strange tradition carried from the past. Tibet was ruled by a cruel king named Dharma who happened to have a black tongue. People from Tibet use this gesture of taking their tongue outside to show they don’t carry evil inside. Nowadays, most of the Tibetans don’t follow this tradition but you can still find those who stick their tongue out to welcome.

6.Norway – Often people don’t give compliment on their face.

People in Norway are more complex with their compliments than say the rest of the worlds are. Everybody loves compliment and even more if someone does in your face. But they don’t really put others on the spot and make them feel embarrassed with their words. That doesn’t mean they’re not welcoming, they’re incredibly polite and they’re just like to take your feelings whatever they may be into consideration.

7.Vietnam – Crossing index finger and middle finger is a symbol of genitals.

Cross finger is to put bad luck away and bring good luck but people from Vietnam has a completely different philosophy when it comes to hand gesture. In Vietnam crossing your index finger and middle finger each other represents Genitals and obviously it is an offensive gesture to show someone. Yeah! you should definitely change your way to wish good luck.

8.Denmark – Danish people enjoys picnic in cemeteries.

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And the last but weirdest behavior. People from this Denmark have their picnic in cemeteries. Yes! people have picnics in cemeteries. For most of us, Cemeteries is a place for grieving families and an overall depressing atmosphere. But believe it or not, it’s not that unusual to see a happy Danish family having a good time there, they use to have a picnic or young couple sunbathing there. A popular location is the C-Stand Cemetry in Copenhagen. That’s because there are the largest green zone leafy trees and paths which make the place beautiful and perfect. This cemetery has now become the popular choice for important cultural concerts and other big events also take place throughout the year. If you ever plan to visit Denmark then you should pay your visit over there. People have their most beautiful time at a place which is the scariest place for most of the people.

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