Adani Group has won the contract for the next 50 years

In India, if one gets any business contract, the life of his child and the life of the child of his child get settled. But here I am talking about Adani Group. Adani Group has got the contract of Airport upgradation and operation and this contract is for the next 50 years.

There was an auction done by AAI in which Adani Group was also bid for and he has won the contract. For right now, the Adani group has got the contract of upgradation and operation of 5 Airports and it will remain with them for next 50 years. And now when a contract which will remain with them for 50 years, it is sure their grandchildren will also enjoy this contract. There was an auction for the contract of a total of 6 Airports in which alone Adani group has won 5 Airports.

There are 5 Airports in which Adani Group will work for upgradations and operations:

  • Lucknow
  • Jaipur
  • Ahemadabad
  • AMngalore
  • Trivendrum

Bid for Guwahati airport has not opened yet. For a long time of period, the Adani Group was seeking for the way to enter in this business of Aviation and Airports. After winning these auction, Adani Group has successfully entered the business of aviation. Adani Group has won the auction also because their bid was attractive compared to others.

For this auction, 32 technical bids came from 10 companies. Now Adani Group will decide how much fees where food outlets should be, cleanliness, Everything on the airport, Adani Group will decide.

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