Aladdin’s new trailer proves Genie backlash was totally unfounded, Aladdin’s Orginal Actors Aren’t Happy.

The famous character Aladdin is coming back on screen. Disney has released on March 12 and it is going to hit the screen on May 24. Just in 2 days trailer has already boomed over millions of views.

The character for Aladdin has acted by Mena Massoud. Marwan Kenzari has played the character of Jafar. The character of Princess Jasmine has done by Naomi Scott and the beautiful character Dalia has been acted by Nasim Pedrad and the last but not the least, the soul character of this movie Genie has been played by Will Smith.

Original Aladdin actor isn’t happy Disney didn’t bring him back for remake. Fans around the twitter also not happy. Gilbert Gottfried resembles to be a bit bothered about Disney’s composition to recast the voice of Iago the parrot for the live-action Aladdin remake.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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