Amazon and Flipkart is in trouble

The King of E-commerce Field, Amazon and Walmart were made a plan to reign on E-commerce but their dream has been dipped under the sea. For the Upcoming Loksabha Election has Prime Minister Modi has declared a new FDI rule for benefiting the local retailers. New FDI rule for E-commerce has been already implemented form February 1st which seems trouble to Walmart(Flipkart) and Amazon. Governmental has made a strict rule for supporting the smaller and local retailer. But it will be most beneficial for India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani.

The government is trying to make happy to the person who was actually upset from the demonstration and GST bill. According to the new rule, E-commerce company will now not able to sell anything exclusively and it will simply cause to the product were use to come with a heavy discount, now that also won’t be possible for the customer to get that. Mukesh Ambani is already having the plan to open alternative of Flipkart and Amazon. And we all know that Mukesh Ambani doesn’t do the business of losing.

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