American Media Reactions: India Offers Help To Pakistani Students

People wearing masks stand on a street in a shopping district in Hong Kong as a preventative measure following a coronavirus outbreak which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The Washington Post – an American newspaper that is owned by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos has published an article that is very critical of Pakistan’s poor response in relation to the evacuation of its stranded students in China.

According to its article 800 Pakistani students are stranded in Wuhan whom the government in Islamabad is refusing to evacuate. While other countries have evacuated their citizens from the epicenter of the corner virus outbreak officials in Islamabad said a similar move by Pakistan would be “irresponsible because the country lacks the ability to prevent the spread of the virus and treat dogs infected”.

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The newspaper also brings up the flaws of the healthcare system in Pakistan, as they have had a long struggle with minimal resources and established corruption. The article also showcases Pakistan’s poor history of containing viral outbreaks. Last year dengue fever infected over 47,000 people in Pakistan and with over 130 people becoming infected with polio in 2019. It is one of the few countries that is still battling this disease.

The article also explains how Pakistan has resumed flights to and from other cities in China despite the fact that they are still not evacuating their citizens out of Wuhan. In order to justify this decision Pakistan’s Health Ministry provided reassurances that before planes in China are boarded and upon the landing, in Pakistan, all passengers will be screened for the coronavirus.

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The decision to not evacuate was defended by the farmers a Pakistan’s top health official, he said in an interview that it is good for the country and for the students there too and China’s containing the virus. He continued by saying that “our people are properly taken care of we want good for them and we are doing what’s best for them we believe any responsible act could lead to the spread of the virus”.

Various media outlets in America have highlighted Pakistan’s poor healthcare infrastructure as the country is being criticized for not evacuating its stranded students in China. It is being reported that there are more than 28,000 Pakistani students in China. So far Pakistan has not given much attention to India’s generous offer to rescue students who are stuck in China, on the other hand, India has even offered assistance to China.

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The Indian PM wrote a letter to the Chinese president expressing the solidarity of the people of China as the outbreak has already claimed more than 800 lives. The Indian Prime Minister also conveyed appreciation for the facilitation provided by the government of China for the evacuation of Indian citizens from the Hubei province of China.

It’s remarkable that despite the uneasy relationship with both Pakistan & China, India has shown its positive attitude for his generous actions.

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