Anil Ambani’s R-Com is bankrupt?

Anil Ambani’s company R-Com is about to bankrupt with the loan of  Rs. 45,000 crore. This is bad news for Anil Ambani but this can be good news for his elder brother Mukesh Ambani. According to Bloomberg’s report if R-Com gets bankrupt then Mukesh Ambani will get a chance to buy his company at a minimal price. Before he did a deal, to buy it’s an asset for 17,300 crore Rupees.R-Com had announced on Friday to go on bankrupt proceeding and just after this announcement the share of the company is getting down. On Friday, R-com had the closing price of Rs.12 but after getting down it came to R.5 on Tuesday. And this caused a huge loss to the company, within two days this company has the market share of Rs.4,000 crore and it came down to Rs.1,500 crore.

According to a report, on lastFridayy, the court accepted the letter of banrupt of R-Com. This can help him to get the time of 270 days to repay and seeling of his assets. This step has taken after the getting issue in a deal between JIO to sell the tower, spectrum, and fiber assets.

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