Aravind Kejriwal said MODI is Biggest Problem of India

Aravind Kejriwal said Modi is the Biggest Problem of India, he said partnership between Modi and Amit Shah is the biggest problem. Both have sunk the economy of India. He said, “Pakistan was trying to divide India in the name of caste and religion but they failed to deliver his dream but Modi and Amit Shah has done within 5 years what Pakistan was failed to do.” He said “both have spread poison against one person to other. If they come again in 2019 then there will no constitution. No India will remain, they will divide India as Hitler did.”

He urges do whatever but doesn’t let them come again in 2019. He urges opposition to don’t fight for the chair of the prime minister.

He said he will support any but not Modi and Shah.  He said Congress has not the ability to defeat BJP. Only Aam Aadmi Party has that ability that can defeat BJP. 

He also Congress can’t defeat BJP in West Bengal, only Mamta Banerjee can.

He said the vote should not get divided. If the vote will get divided BJP will win.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

He studied software engineering but wanted to be a writer since born. So, he followed his passion and ended up being a reporter for PoopBite. He has a very deep-seated interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. He is also a passionate photographer.

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