Bad Days – 17 People Who Surely Need A Drink, Like, Now!

There could be plenty of things that made your day bad. If you are human, then having a bad day now and again is perfectly normal. I would argue that if you have only good days you are delusional and must be monitored very closely by the appropriate authorities. Just as no person can give 100% every day, no person can have all good days.

Bad days provide us with the opportunity to grow physically and emotionally. It also reminds us that we are human and we can always connect with people from every walk of life because everyone has those bad days.

If you’ve had a day like any of these people, pour yourself a drink! that might works!

1. This girl who had to learn about sunburns the hard way. I doubt she’ll make this mistake again. Now the rest of us can learn from her misfortune. Thank you!

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2. This lady who just wanted that luscious lip look. Now she looks like Mick Jagger got stung by a bee. At least now she’s got a Halloween costume already made.

Image Credit: YouTube | Derrick Son

3. This girl who got the living crap scared out of her by King Kong himself. That’s a rough way to meet girls, Kong, but I’m sure you’ll find your Queen Kong soon.

Image Credit: Twitter | @IdiotOlympics

4. This guy whose phone left him in a crappy situation. I feel so much pain when I look at this. The dirty floor, the loss of phone, the desperate reach!

Image Credit: Reddit | [deleted]

5. This guy who just cannot handle the level of spookiness a haunted house brings. Can ya blame him? If I wanted people to jump out and scream at me, I’d walk downtown in NYC.

Image Credit: Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

6. These dudes who are not handling finals week very well. Students know how real the struggle is. At least they’ve got each other for support! You know, like, very literally.

Image Credit: Instagram | @thesavageposts

7. The person who got themselves in this sticky situation. Yeah, I have no clue how something like this happens either. I guess you should use a lower setting when ironing your marshmallows?

Image Credit: Twitter | @goth_cakes

8. This person with one of the saddest pictures yet! How could anyone let this happen to pizza? After all, pizza has done for you, this is how you treat it?

Image Credit: Reddit | [deleted]

9. The person whose car problems have been cemented. That is one disastrous sight. I’m no mechanic, but I think the problem is all the cement on the front of your car…

Image Credit: Imgur | Imgur

10. Anyone who ordered something online that was less than impressive IRL. What is this, a chair for ants?! My advice is to buy a lizard because they’d look cute sitting in that thing.

Image Credit: Twitter | @itssavannahxox

11. This guy who looks like he’s so close to just giving up. I mean, yeah, I’d be pretty defeated too! How you get in that situation, I have no idea.

Image Credit: Reddit | sparta_interiors

12. This lady broke down after a catastrophe in the kitchen. These dang cats are always being saucy. Wow, I don’t know what’s with all my puns today. I think I need a drink now. Peace.

Image Credit: Reddit | Noname_Maddox

13. These people whose TV wasn’t exactly securely fastened. Let’s have a moment of silence for this fallen hero. I can only imagine the horrifying crash this thing made when it fell.

Image Credit: Reddit | FowelBallz

14. This woman who found her hair band (tie), just not in the way anyone was expecting. That being said, if you have a cat, you should probably prepare for the worst.

Image Credit: Reddit | Brentpierce0

15. This car owner who went through a series of unfortunate events that even Lemony Snicket couldn’t dream of. When it rains, it pours. So pour yourself a drink, because this is rough.

Image Credit: Imgur | wonderingbags24

16. This guy who got stuck and can’t really get himself anything now. It just goes to show ya that you are never too old to make really dumb, dumb mistakes.

Image Credit: Tumblr | meefling

17. This teacher whose worst nightmare became a reality. You know that 13-year-olds are complete savages, too. They won’t let go of something like that for a long, long, long time.

Image Credit: Instagram | @selena.gomedz

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