Bengaluru Cab Driver Attracts The Internet Over Speaking Sanskrit Like A Boss, Watch The Video

Remember you had to opt ‘Sanskrit’ classes in school? Yes, we had struggled to form a proper sentence even after a whole year of teaching.

The 45-second clip features the cab driver from Bengaluru conversing with a passenger in Sanskrit. The video has been posted on Twitter by Girish Bharadwaja, whose bio describes him as an entrepreneur and from Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The driver can be seen conversing with the rider in pure Sanskrit. While he had a lovely smile on his face all the while, his words were as fluent as they could be.

It is widely known that people in South India love their mother tongue wholeheartedly and hardly speak in any other language. However, this man is surely an exception.

It was easy for some years back in time to speak that fluently but as of now, this is no less than a talent. Desi Twitter was impressed by the cab driver’s strong command over the language:

While one seen seeking cab’s driver’s PayTM/ UPI to help!

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