CM Nitish Kumar gave Bumper Gift to the people of Bihar

CM Nitish Kumar is trying to give wings to its development. Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said GDP growth rate in any state Bihar is in the top and it also on top for providing Jobs. According to the report of CRISIL, from 2013-2018 following with Gujrat and Haryana, Bihar has provided the most employment in  Construction, Business, transportation, and communication department. 

The inflation rate of Bihar is less than the Nation’s average Inflation rate. Where the Nation’s average inflation rate is 3.6%  and Bihar has just 2.7%.

Sushil Modi said: Bihar is the first state in India where Universal Pension has to implement. This is beneficial for all citizens above 60 years except government worker. It will implement by April. There are 36,5000 people who will get the benefit from this scheme who can get their pension money direct to their account after July.

Old age, widows and disabled person can get the advantage of the new scheme and the numbers of the total beneficiary will cross the 1 Crore. 
He said: They take care of Farmers as well in their government as for 24 districts and 240 division, the government has allocated 1430 crores in which 901 crores has already been transferred to their account.

A very useful scheme has come from government to the farmers, where if a farmer gets even a percent of loss then that farmer will get Rs.7,500 grant and if that farmer gets loss of more than 25% then he will be awarded for Rs.10,000. This will be useful for the farmer to tackle their losses.

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