CM Nitish Kumar Vs CM Arvind Kejriwal: Bus Route

Luxury bus services started from Patna to Noida but a hellish scene created by one Chief minister to another. A pernicious case which is taking place; Delhi vs Bihar. CM Nitish Kumar became angry when he came to know that bus going from Bihar is not allowed to enter Delhi.

After Showing green flags to Volvo bus service from Patna to Ghaziabad and Noida, he warned to Delhi’s CM. Volvo bus service from Patna to Ghaziabad and Noida has now started from Friday. He stated his indignation that Kejriwal has not given permission to busses to enter in Delhi. He asked officers to talk again for this.

CM Nitish Kumar with his frown words, he said if Busses don’t get permission to come in Delhi and CM Kejriwal should understand that. He also said Delhi can’t run without the people of Bihar. If all Bihari goes on strike for one day then Whole Delhi will shut down.

CM Nitish said” I pity this mindset. People who want to go to Delhi from Bihar will have to deviate from Ghaziabad to Delhi. If they don’t give permission then he will spread this news to every Bihari who is living in Delhi.

This service will be beneficial for people who were used to seek for comfort bus to travel. This drama which has begun before the election. It is not a good reason to fight one party against another. This can handicap Aam Aadmi Party in the election and the other side CM Nitish Kumar can take mileage for talking Bihar ethnicity.

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