Congress did Press Conference after Modi’s Lok Sabha Speech

Congress did press conference just after when PM Narendra Modi smashed Congress in LOK Sabha Speech. From Congress, Randeep Surjewala said Modi’s destroying India’s GDP, average GDP growth has come down. The share of defense Budget in India’s GDP has come down. He said BJP has Rs.5000 corer rupees for their advertisements but they can’t give money to Indian Army. BJP is playing with India’s security. He called PM Modi to “Advertisement minister”. He said it never happened in the last 70 years after India’s independence. Four judges came out in public and said about their helplessness in front of this government. Two RBI governor and two chief economic advisors were given resign because of Modi’s torture. CBI has now become dirty tricks department, first CBI has been captured and made CBI’s head to give resign. He also said a lady who helped Modi to hide defense deal is now has become a member of Union Public Commission Service. 

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