Congress is against of “Triple Talaq”

Congress did press conference just before the Lok Sabha Election and announces they are gonna remove new rules over triple talaq. President of women congress, Sushmita dev said Congress will come in 2019 and Congress will remove new rule over triple talaq. Congress is against this new law over triple talaq. This promise of Congress to people.

Congress President, Rahul Gandhi said Congress has destroyed the image of Modi. 5 Years it was being said Modi has got 56 inches of cheat and he will reign for 15 years but today Congress has destroyed the image of Modi. He also said before people were used to repeating “Aayenge” after “Ache din”. But today people anywhere in India know what to say after “Chokidaar”. He also asks their supporter to the slogan “Chokidaar Chor Hai”.
Modi government was thinking Triple Talaq as a good weapon to help in Election but Congress has played a huge play against of Modi. We can only see who is gonna get more benefit making Triple Talaq, a weapon.

Congress did Press Conference after Modi’s Lok Sabha Speech

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