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Congress, SP Targets To Orange Jerseys For India’s Cricket Team, Now Slammed By Twitter

The color saffron derives its importance from the importance given to fire in Hinduism. Since the color of fire is saffron, a huge symbolical value has been attached to it. But since recent past in Indian history, some section of the community has led to say saffron color belongs to a particular religion whereas some say it’s a color of spread. A new controversy has arisen in the nation considering the matter of saffron color.

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The Congress and Samajwadi Party on Wednesday raised objections over the orange jerseys that will likely be sported by the Indian cricket team in their upcoming match against England in the ongoing International Cricket Council (ICC) men’s cricket World Cup.

India Today quoted SP MLA in Maharashtra Assembly Abu Asim Azmi as saying., “Modi ji wants to saffronize the entire country. A Muslim was the one who designed the Indian Tricolour. There are other colors in the Tricolour, why choose only orange? It will be better if their jersey is based on the Tricolour”.

Congress, SP object to orange jerseys for Indias cricket team, says Modi govt wants to saffronize everythingThis is the design of the Indian cricket team’s jersey likely to be donned by the players in their match against England. ANI

“Ever since the Modi government has come to power, it has been playing saffron politics. The Tricolour should be respected and national harmony should be promoted. This government wants to saffronize everything,” Congress MLA Naseem Khan further said in the Assembly.

ICC source told ANI that the idea behind the orange jersey was to have one for the Indian cricket team which was different from blue, the color which England team players also sport.

“Colour options were given to BCCI and they chose the color combination that looked the best to them. The whole idea is to be different from blue as England also wears the same shade of blue as India,” the ICC source told ANI.

Twitter reacted on the matter #MenInOrange

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