Dabur Ads Giving Strong Message About The Upcoming India-Pakistan Match

The tickets for India-Pakistan match in ICC World Cup 2019 were sold out within hours the sale was started and now the fans who had brought the tickets are reselling them for larger sums ranging from approximately Rs20,000 to Rs60,000.

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A website called Viagogo is buying tickets from the fans and reselling them at prices greater than the actual amounts of the tickets. Interestingly, such is the craze of an India-Pakistan game that the fans are also buying the tickets with extra price. 16th of June is also known as Father’s Day, this is more than just a coincidence.

Everyone is way too excited for the match and who wouldn’t be, this cricket rivalry comes from ancient times. People are cheering for the Men in Blue. There are a lot of advertisements going around the match but this particular one is so hard to get over. The video by Dabur Red Paste perfectly summarizes every Indian fan’s feeling right now. The video shows a man, dressed in blue, munching on snacks on a very comfortable sofa. Seems like I am talking about every desi’s home on the D-Day, the video is relatable as eff.

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