Dog’s Reaction To Opening Of Packet Of Chips Goes Viral – Watch The Hilarious Video

We won’t count every who owns the dog but most of them treat four paws, a fur, a wagging tail, and the sweetest eyes as their family member. Dogs are not only lovable and faithful but also sometimes disobedient and greedy, and that’s their bad behavior, it actually shows another phase of cuteness.

Have you seen the reaction of your pet each time you open a packet of chips? If you are a pet owner, then you surely know that your pet loves regular food more than usual dog food.

A netizen on Twitter @aussiesdointhgs recently uploaded a video clip of a dog peeping out from under a bed when the cute-paws animal hears a bag of chips being opened. Dogs just know when you are eating something

The video has gone viral like jungle fire. The dog’s reaction has been viewed 4.3 million times. The viral tweet has also earned 354k likes and more than 86.5k retweets.

Many other dog owners could associate to the video and shared similar videos of their dogs reacting to the same.

Internet users found the video hilarious. Here are some of the reactions:

“Omg literally him. Last time I ate chips around him he tried to eat one as I was putting it in my mouth,” wrote one.

Another user replied, “This is awesome. Day made.”

There were many who said that the guy who originally made a trend – do no owns the dog, they just made the reaction to that.

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