‘Don’t You Need Sex Every Day’: Senior Pilot Asks Woman Commander, Probes Going On

A good percent of women in India have faced an assault at some point in time in their life or the other. There is a lot of analysis as to what provokes these assaults and why it is never fully curbed. Alternatively, of wasting time trying to theorize such assaults, some women have now started taking measures to ensure their dignity is never compromised.

Women are so insecure, things are not just about any country. The incident what we come across every day, sometimes it breaks heart. Every day there is a news article about rape or sexual assault. Talking about an incident a plane pilot, who is used to well educated is now alleged of sexual harassing.

Air India has set up a hearing against one of its senior captains on charges of sexual harassment. A woman pilot has accused the captain of asking her several unsuitable questions, including about her “sex life”.

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In her objection, the woman stated, “The instructor reportedly suggested the two to have dinner at a city restaurant in Hyderabad on May 5 after the training session was over. I agreed as I had done a few flights with him and he seemed nice. We went to a restaurant at around 8 pm and this is where my ordeal started.”

“He started with telling me how depressed and unhappy he was in his married life. He also asked me how I coped with my husband living away and whether I didn’t need to have sex every day… At some point, I told him I did not want to talk about all this and called a cab,” study the complaint.

A spokesperson of the airlines said that following the pilot’s complaint, an inquiry has been set up against the captain.

A common mentality has been set up that a friendly woman can easily come to the bed, that mentality needs to change for a healthier society.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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