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‘Every Team Is Scared Of Pakistan’ Says Sarfaraz Ahmed Gets Savagely Trolled

Match between Pakistan and Srilanka was called off due to wet outfield. The 11th match of the World Cup 2019 to be played at Bristol on Friday between Pakistan and Sri Lanka has been canceled due to rain. Due to the heavy rain, the match could not start. The match was scheduled to start at 3 pm Indian time, but it could not be due to heavy rains.

It is the first match in England and Wales to have been abandoned without a result. Both the teams were awarded one point each. In a press conference Sarfaraz the Pakistani captain said ‘Every team is scared of Pakistan. As like other teams in the tournament Pakistan is also a tough opponent. Also, we have won the first two matches in the tournament.

Image: Reuters

On Monday, where Pakistan lost to West Indies by 7 wickets at Trent Bridge. Though that did not stop the Pakistan captain from warning the other teams in the World Cup.

Sarfaraz Said “Our next match is against Australia. Every team is scared about Pakistan. Like other teams in the tournament, they are also a tough opponent and they also have momentum as they have won their first two matches.”

Netizens can’t let this airy statement just go:

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