Here Are Some Unknown & Interesting Facts About Yuvraj Singh

One of the most loved Indian cricketer – Yuvraj Singh, is, now, a former Indian cricketer whose cricketing career can be described as a movie with lots of turns and twists. People who follow cricket have seen the rise of a promising youngster and also his fall. But when everybody thought his career was over he was reborn like a Phoenix bird from his ashes through a defining performance in World Cup.

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As those weren’t enough we saw yet another twist in his life, a rare form of germ cancer and once again everyone thought his career was done this time. But they didn’t know that they were going to be proved wrong once again as he fought with that cancer, he defeated that cancer and now he’s nothing short of an inspiration to the people. That is Yuvraj Singh for you. For crazy cricket fans, it is the end of an era and for all 90s kids out there, your childhood is literally over.

  • Yuvraj’s unbeaten partnership of 163 runs with Sachin Tendulkar, against England at Chennai in 2008 to chase 387, are the 5th highest test run chase overall and the highest in India.
  • Yuvraj gave his first autograph at the age of 17!
  • Yuvraj’s favourite comic character is suppandi.
  • Batman is Yuvraj’s favorite superhero.
  • Yuvraj Singh’s mother’s name is Shabnam Singh.
  • Yuvi is the first player in World cup history to pick 5 wickets and hit a half-century in the same match.

While everyone is paying their tribute to one of the best batsmen of the world, we at PoopBite have gathered some lesser known but interesting facts about Yuvraj Singh.

Some Interesting Facts:

1.Yuvraj’s father Yograj Singh is a former Indian fast bowler and Punjabi movie actor. Yeah, Yuvraj Singh has cricket instead of blood, flowing in his veins. His father Yograj Singh also played Test and 6 ODIs for the national team. Yograj was also a Punjabi actor.

2. Yuvraj is the only Indian cricketer after Sachin Tendulkar to have been signed by English county Yorkshire, an honor few overseas players are bestowed upon.

3. Yuvraj Singh was signed by Microsoft as a brand ambassador when the Xbox 360video game console was launched in the Indian market way back in 2006.

4. Yuvi was an avid roller-skater as a child and has also won the National Under-14Roller Skating Championship.

5. Why does Yuvraj wear the No. 12 shirt? He used to wear the jersey with number 12 since his birth date is on the 12th of December which is also the 12th months of the year. Yuvi considers 12 to be his lucky number. Moreover, he also used wearing a black thread on his wrist when he comes in to play.

6. Yuvraj is a huge Sachin fan since childhood. Yuvraj cherishes those moments he spent on the crease with the master blaster, and rates that test in Chennai in 2008 when he had a crucial partnership with Sachin to win India the match as one of his greatest cricketing moments.

7. Yuvraj used to study at Chandigarh’s DAV School. The Southpaw had the maximum attendance on the cricket pitch though, and it is said that Yuvraj broke a sign of the school’s name which used to be on the school’s wall with a barrage of huge sixes. Quite the naughty lad, eh?

8. When he was 7 years old, he kept insisting his mother buy him a bicycle. When she finally agreed, Yuvraj jammed the bicycle onto a rickshaw on the very first ride and ended up with 10 stitches.

9. When one of Yuvraj’s friends brought an air gun when they were young, and nobody could figure out how it worked, Yuvi took the matter into his own hands and accidentally shot his friend in the stomach! Thankfully no damage was done!

10. We all have heard about Yuvi’s battle with cancer, but did you know that Yuvraj was diagnosed with a rare germ cell cancer between his lungs, for which he underwent three cycles of chemotherapy in the United States.

11. Now this one might surprise you the most but as a young kid, Yuvraj acted in Punjabi movies. He did two brief roles as a child star in Mehndi Sajda Di and Putt Sardara. Yuvraj Singh has also done a Bollywood animated movie ‘Jumbo’. Yuvraj did a voice-over in the movie produced by Akshay Kumar.

12. Yuvraj has started a great initiative with ‘YouWeCan’, with which he plans to help cancer patients in their treatment. Excellent work Yuvi!

This is an end of an Era! But for the die-hard fans what Yuvraj has earned in his cricket career, he will always be top in favorite.

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