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Girlfriend Slaps Boyfriend 52 Times For Not Getting Her A Smartphone On Chinese Valentine’s Day

Almost every boyfriend searches on the Internet about giving the gift to his girlfriend, a universal problem!

“You are cute when you are angry”, says every boyfriend in the world to his girlfriend! But you should never disparage the wrath of your sweetheart girl!

Most girlfriends love being plundered with surprise dinner dates or gifts on celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Not managing your girl well on these days might just make her exasperated at you.

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We felt pity for the Chinese boyfriend who paid the cost of not pleasing his girlfriend with gifts on Valentine’s Day.

She got extremely annoyed at the man that she reprimanded and slapped him repeatedly in public as he stood, however. The event that took place on the roads of Dazhou city was captured on CCTV. Passersby too filmed the bizarre episode on their phone and next to uploading it quickly went viral.

“Officers then tried to take the couple to the police station for mediation, but the man = fearing that his girlfriend would get into trouble – stopped them from taking her away,” the reports of News 18.

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An instant investigation was opened and the couple was advised separately. The police report said that the man had been slapped 52 times by his partner on the street. The woman has been supporting her man for a long time and got disturbed at him for not getting her a smartphone on Chinese Valentine’s Day, the reports say.

“He then allowed his girlfriend to take her anger out on him because he felt that he was in the wrong,” reported News 18. The couple has, however, vowed that they won’t create such an exhibition in public in the future.

Acquiesced that she did support him financially. But physical abuse in a relationship is simply not tolerable.

“The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention.”

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