Gujarat Policewoman Suspended For Dancing For TikTok Video Inside Police Station

A young policewoman from Gujarat’s Mehsana district is in headlines since Wednesday after a Tik Tok video of her dancing inside a police station became viral on social media.

Image: ScreenShot from her TikTok Video

In the short TikTok clip, Arpita Chaudhary, a Lok Rakshak Dal (LRD) recruit, was seen shaking legs in front of a lock-up inside the Langhnaj police station in Mehsana district, Gujarat, which later seen as a massive embarrassment to the police fraternity in Gujarat.

The lady cop, who was wearing civil clothes is seen dancing next to a lockup. The video was shared massively on the social media channel but also led many to question the rules and regulations that are being followed inside police stations in the country. In a place where criminals are put behind bars as a punishment and in a bid to reform them, dancing and singing can appear rather jarringly out of place.

According to IndiaTvNews, she has now been suspended. Deputy Superintendent of Police Manjitha Vanzara said to reporters, “Arpita Chaudhary has violated the rules. She was not in uniform while on duty. Secondly, she shot a video of herself inside the Langhnaj village police station. Police personnel should follow discipline, which she has not done and hence suspended.”

While the app is facing government scrutiny over privacy-related issues, many users have generated controversies due to the nature of the video shot.

Back in recent past, a woman in Delhi shot a video in which she was seen dancing inside a stationary public bus in the presence of its driver, conductor, and marshal. All three officials faced stern action.

Fun is fine but not adequate on the government’s site and also if the person is on duty.

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