Here Is Why The World Should Admire India

India has contributed a lot to the world and in so many different ways it continues to do so. Today in this article I’ll focus on one of India’s greatest current contributions to the world.

As one of the founding members of the United Nations, India has always been quick to respond to the United Nations calls for troops to help sustain global peace and protection. Do you know that India is the top contributor of troops to United Nations peacekeeping operations? Of the 71 peacekeeping operations that have already been deployed 49 have consisted of over 200,000 Indian troops. 

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Between 1948 to 2018 3,800 to service members from UN member states lost their lives defending the UN Charter. The most number of sacrifices came from India with 164 service members losing their lives. How many of us know that India was the first country to show how effective it could be to have women as UN peacekeepers with the deployment of the first police unit made up exclusively of women. In 2007, they were sent to UNPKO in Liberia. 

In February 2018, Liberia’s president said to them “The contribution you have made in inspiring librarian women imparting in them the spirit of professionalism and encouraging them to join operations that protect the nation for that we will always be grateful.” 

In 1950, not long after India’s independence the Indian Army 60 parachute field ambulance was sent to the forces that were fighting in the Korean War to help provide a medical cover. The unit served in Korea for a total of three and a half years, the longest single tenure by any military unit under the UN flag.

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In order to maintain the peace between Israel and its nearby Arab residents and to make sure that the wave drawl of France, Israel, and the UK from Egyptian territory took place, India provided 11 infantry balloons for rotation in the UN emergency force.

After Belgian rule, it was requested by the Congo in 1960 that UN peacekeepers be deployed to help battle against the session and give the country an opportunity to reintegrate.

As a result, two Indian brigades call involved. Going beyond what is required of them Indian UN peacekeepers have voluntarily provided things such as veterinary health and medical and engineering services to these UN peacekeeping operations UNPKO’s.

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Despite these humongous efforts from India it is denied participating in decisions of the Security Council by permanent members of the Security Council in regards to troop deployments as they are written in the UN Charter in article 44.

Many of India’s contributions to UN peacekeeping operations have been made evident by the experience and professionalism that the Indian Armed Forces have. Despite this, India is still not a permanent member of the UN Security Council. How can this be considered fair?

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