Hindu temple attacked in Pakistan

Pakistan was never safe for the minority. Forcefully religion changes are often news every day. Many Hindu temples have already broken in the name of anti-religion. This is new news is coming from Pakistan Sindh, some unsocially element have targetted a Hindu temple and burned the holy books of Hindu. They broke inside of the temple and now ran away.

People of the Hindu community has filed a case against perpetrators. They didn’t keep anyone there for security because it was near to the house of Hindu people and they were thinking that it is safe.

Although, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has criticized the incident, said on twitter handle: “The govt of Sindh must take swift and decisive action against the perpetrators. This is against the teachings of the Quran.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

He studied software engineering but wanted to be a writer since born. So, he followed his passion and ended up being a reporter for PoopBite. He has a very deep-seated interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. He is also a passionate photographer.

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