India can take the immense profits of America vs Venezuela

Venezuela is currently handling a political issue. Venezuela has manifested a new economical way for India to expand business with each other.

Where American dollars are mediocre medium to the International transaction and that’s also because America is a static economic nation and it has a lesser chance to collapse their economy.

America has banned on Venezuela and Ban from America can’t be safe for any country for contemporary status.

Where Venezuela is facing American ban and political problem, Venezuela has given a proposal to India for doing business in Indian Rupee. Currently, India is deeming about this.

America’s president Donald Trump has tried many ways to stop the business of Oil for Latin America’s nation Venezuela and also to remove Nicolas Maduro from his president’s position. America has even sanctions gold mining company for backing Nicolas Maduro.

America has given accredited to opposition politician Juan Guaidó for presidential post in January 2019.

America is attempting many ways to cast aside Venezuela from the world’s economic business to annihilate Venezuela.

According to the knowledgeable, transaction with Indian Rupee can be considered beneficial for India and this will help to reduce the booming price for Oil in India.

Venezuela and India are already doing business for 42 billion rupees in which importing of petroleum is the foremost products.


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Written by Ashutosh Kumar

He studied software engineering but wanted to be a writer since born. So, he followed his passion and ended up being a reporter for PoopBite. He has a very deep-seated interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. He is also a passionate photographer.

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