IRCTC Replies To User Complaining On ‘Vulgar’ Ads On Website, Read The Whole Episode

If you know ABC about digital advertising, you would probably be aware of the concept of Google Ads. Nonetheless, IRCTC website user, Anand Kumar, clearly wasn’t familiar with the same. He messed with the IRCTC and he had to pay the cost, as he became the subject for the troll army on twitter!

Anand Kumar, a Twitter user who apparently trying to book a ticket via the IRCTC booking app, saw “obscene and vulgar” advertisements appearing on the Indian Railways website. Therefore, he chose to mention the authorities about the same and took to Twitter to post screenshots of the unsuitable advertisements.

Apart from checking IRCTC in the post, he also tagged Railway minister Piyush Goyal and asked him to take a look at the matter.

Nevertheless, IRCTC was quick to toss in with a reply and it was not something Anand Kumar had supposed. Giving distinct reply, the subsidiary of the Indian Railways mentioned that the Google ads popping up on the website are actually the outcome of Kumar’s own browsing history and cookies, he needs to clear all his browsing data in order to withdraw kind of that ads.

IRCTC mentioned in reply to Anand Kumar, “Irctc uses Googles ad serving tool ADX for serving ads. These ads use cookies to target the user. Based on user history and browsing behavior ads are shown. Pl clean and delete all browser cookies and history to avoid such ads.”

Just in case you’re unaware, AdSense uses cookies to improve advertising. Some common applications are to target advertising based on what’s relevant to a user, to improve reporting on campaign performance, and to avoid showing ads the user has already seen.

The entire event went viral fire in the jungle as people turned Anand Kumar’s ‘complaint’ into hilarious jokes and troll…

The situation is better defining the famous saying, “Half knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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