JNU: Hindi is a Communal Language?

One side where Hindi is making India proud and another side a squabble has come out regarding Hindi. A research scholar has said in Delhi High Court that he is being forced to say Hindi is a communal language. Justice C Hari Shankar is hearing this case and he sent a notice to University and professor and ask for giving remarks on this before 23 April. Ashutosh Kumar Roy, a P.H.D student with the help of his lawyer Divyanshu Pandey filed a case in Delhi High Court. Ashutosh is a student of P.H.D in History subject but he is being enforced to change his subject and say against Hindi and call it a communal Language. In a petition, it is written that they will not allow doing P.H.D if they don’t follow their words.

Petitioner has said this is against his fundamental rights and therefore asked for help from Court.
Roy came in 2012. An old supervisor of Hindi has resigned and he also asked a new Supervisor to join without late. He is also facing issue because of not having a supervisor in University. University is also not assigning Research Advisory Committee.

It is also said in that petition, Roy was an appeal for three times for Supervisor from December 2017 to June 2018 but he has got any positive response from the University.

Without any help, Roy Presented a research proforma to Committee of advanced study and research, the professor kept with himself and said there is no place in University to do research in favor of Hindi and suggested him to go Delhi University and chant their for “Bharatendu Harishchandra”.

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