Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares What Question She Was Asked The Doctor After Taimur’s Birth

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Taimur Ali Khan, or say a born superstar. Love it or hate it but Taimur is literally a very cute, adorable and beautiful baby , Taimoor’s facial features are not typical Indian to say the least he is a blue-eyed brown-haired Mongol looking baby due to fact that both Saif and Kareena trace their lineage to modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan and some European in case of Kareena which means Taimoor is basically a combination of Turkish, Slavic, Mongol, European, Uzbek, middle eastern, Greek and central Asian blood which makes him beautiful for Caucasian obsessed Indians who are a majority. In fact, Taimur has become more famous among paparazzi than his parents. 2 days ahead of Mothers’ Day, Kareena Kapoor Khan was there at the Radio4Child Awards.

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In the ceremony, Kareena Kapoor Khan promised to save the life of every newborn. Kareen Kapoor Khan unveils that just after Taimur was born, she asked the doctor as to what all does she needs to do to keep her son healthy and alive.

She says “When I delivered Taimur (her son)… in the initial days, I had a conversation with my doctor on how I could protect him from some of the diseases and that is when he gave me an immunization list. I have been, since then following; but that was the time my heart went out to so many mothers across the nation who possibly do not even know about all the vaccinations that are needed for the children. That is why the cause (immunization) is so close to my heart.”

This commemoration had a lot of Radi Jockeys coming together for a noble cause. Also, this event was co-organised by the UNICEF. This event commemorates the 70 years of UNICEF in India.

On the work front, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be seen next in ‘Good News’ opposite Akshay Kumar. The film is slated to release after Christmas on 27 December 2019.

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