Love Aaj Kal Full Movie Download Leaked By Tamilrockers 2019

Despite having such strict cyber rules, Tamilrockers is continuing to be a caution for not only Hindi cinema but for almost all the leading film industries across the world. Earlier there were reports suggesting that thousands of pirated websites were blocked. However, Tamilrockers continues to operate with impunity.

Soon after the release of Love Aaj Kal, online pirates have uploaded the full movie on piracy websites. This has turned out to be a shocker to the makers of the movie. Will this affect the box office collections? Let us know.

Love Aaj Kal is a 2020 Bollywood movie, helmed by Imtiaz Ali. The movie stars Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan in the lead roles. Love Aaj Kal is Imtiaz’s take on love in the modern times with a dash of nostalgia. It presents a contemporary and relatable portrayal of two stories set in different times that interact to learn (or perhaps unlearn) from each other the different facets of love, commitment, and relationships.

The good part of new Love Aaj Kal is that, for a huge change, we don’t have characters who are confused and in search of themselves selves as was the staple plot of every Imtiaz film. Neither are any of them married to another person, only to realize in the end where their heart lay. Veer (Kartik) and Zoe (Sara) are millennials with commitment issues, primarily on the part of the latter. She is ambitious, he is dreamy (or so I felt). She is shrieky, he is meek. One really doesn’t understand why they fall in lust. Ambition leads to confusion for Zoe who admits she can’t balance her life and career. All this is revealed in the trailer so you already know what you are in for.

Piracy is a serious crime and you must understand there is a legal side of this. You might get arrested and jailed for downloading a pirated movie. Cyber police always keep an eye on who is downloading a pirated movie and they might find you through your internet’s IP address.

Randeep Hooda plays a mentor-cum-friend who helps them guide through the conundrum by narrating his own story in flashback mode (played by Kartik again opposite newcomer Arushi Sharma). Randeep’s part is set in the 90s but other than snatches of songs from Maine Pyaar Kiya and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, there is nothing that defines the period.

Disclaimer: This content is for reference purposes only. PoopBite, we do not support or promote piracy in any manner. Piracy is a grave offense, which needs to be controlled at the earliest. Many feel that stricter laws are needed to combat the menace properly.

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