May dashes to salvage Brexit deal in Brussels

Britain has demanded the Europian Union give an extension to Brexit, although it’s not clear yet what they’re going to say in answer. There can be a press conference shortly, the scene is set for crisis and peas indicating that they still won’t back the PM’s deal to recapitulate assisting that she wasn’t asked for a prolonged extension.

The scene is set for a crisis: MP’s indicating they nevertheless won’t back the PM’s deal.

European Union is currently speaking nothing besides that they might gather an emergency summit in a few days.

Over a million people have signed a petition in the last 24 hours calling for article 50 to be withdrawn and possibility Jeremy Corbyn refuse to rule out earlier. Jeremy has said the constructive dialogue is taking place. This is how the day unfolded in Britain.

Parliament could hardly do a worse job than the government has managed over the last few weeks.

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