Mayawati is in trouble

Supreme Court is not happy with BSP’s supreme. When Mayawati was CM of Uttar Pradesh, she was built the statue of her and party icon’s Elephant.
Supreme court said Mayawati should return the money to the government what it was spent on the waste statue.

This case is running from 2009 when Mayawati was used to CM of Uttar Pradesh, that time also she was got scolded by the Supreme Court. But after some hearing, this case was buried somewhere but today when Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi looked after this case and said “In my first opinion, I will say Mayawati should return all the money what she was used for her statue and elephant”, it was money of citizen and she should return the money to citizen.

This is what Justice Ranjan Gogoi thinks of it but for the last verdict, we should wait for April 2.

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