Miracle penny that protected WWI soldier’s life to go up for auction

This world is full of strange and strange thing is happening everywhere. This is true no one can kill anyone without the consent of God and one new incident is coming in news on of World War I.

A strange story of a penny of World War I came in lights when it is announced to go on an auction. A penny which was saved the life of a British in World War I. The auction is going to be placed in next week.

According to SWNS, this penny belongs to Private John Trickett, who kept it in the top chest pocket of his suit as a “poignant reminder of home” during the war. While on a French battleground battling German forces in 1914, a German soldier shot at Trickett. The bullet hit the penny, nestled firmly in Trickett’s breast pocket, bounced through his nose and went out back of his ear, Maureen Coulson, Trickett’s granddaughter, said.

“Everyone in our family saw the penny and heard the story of how it saved my grandfather’s life,” Coulson answered in comments obtained by SWNS.

“He had to come home because of the injury. It damaged his left-hand side and left him deaf in his left ear. It also affected his balance.”

In Trickett’s family, this has been passed from generation to other, this penny was made in 1889.

Coulson added that her grandfather’s two brothers died in World War I and he possibly signed up for the war, notwithstanding being underage at the time. “We think it’s apparent he signed up to labor in the army when he was underage as he looked older than he was,” she said.

The 63 old Coulson mentioned that her grandfather was a “great big guy” and would go on marry to Coulson’s grandmother. They later become the father of 8 children and he died in 1962.

Along with his British War Medal and Victory Medal, the life-saving cent will be sold on March 22 at Derbyshire’s Hansons Auctioneers.

Pre-sale valuation of 100 to 200 British pounds ($133-$266).

Miracle penny that protected WWI soldier’s life to go up for auction: ‘only seen in the movie, anything like this before’.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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