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Mizoram Deputy Speaker Cuts Fallen Tree On Road To Clear Traffic, Netizens Hails The ‘Axe-Man’

Lalrinawma, the minister of Mizoram is leading online for his understanding and friendly nature. He won hearts a few months back when a picture of him riding a bike to work preferably of the VVIP red-beacon car went popular online.

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The minister with a kind heart has hit to popularity once again and how? Lalrinawma has been chosen as the MLA of Tuikam, Mizoram for the second time. He was latterly on his way to visit a village under his constituency where he came beyond a fallen tree on the road. The tree formed as a blockage to the road and it was not possible to lift up with human hands, the only better solution was to cut it down to make road clear.

The 45-year-old Lalrinawma chose to solve the matter by own; picked up an axe and immediately got into action. He unblocked the blocked road by cutting the tree with an axe himself alternatively of asking someone else to do it. The video of the entire incident is making gatherings on social media.

Netizens can’t stop praising the politician for his punctual behavior:

We rarely get to see politicians like him, this behavior actually makes common people closer to a politician. We definitely need more leaders like you in our country, people who can commence by model.

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