Mulayam Singh wants Narendra Modi to be PM again

In Parliament, Mulayam Singh did something from which oppositions are angry for sure with him. It was the last session of parliament and everyone was saying about his and other’s work for the last 5 years.The relation between Modi and Mulayam is very old. Modi also attends a ceremony of Mulayam Singh’s grandson in Saifai. Mulayam has also attended the oath ceremony of CM Yogi Adityanath. 

Mulayam Singh also spoke and he spoke about PM Narendra Modi. Mulayam Singh wants Narendra Modi to be elected as a PM in 2019. He also said Modi does politics of consolidating to each other. Mulayam Singh gave the blessing to Modi.

Mulayam Singh also said: “Even if all opposition alliance with each other but they will not able to defeat Narendra Modi”

And this statement is enough to unhappy oppositions.

Rahul Gandhi gave a response to Mulayam Singh’s delineation and Rahul Gandhi said: “I do not agree with him and Mulayam Singh has a huge role in Indian politics and I respect to that.”

Chirag Paswan to his delineation and said He is an experienced leader and he knows what India wants and he has said what this nation wants.

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Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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