Mumbai Man Did a Suicide Bomber Joke, Now He Can Faces 6 Years in Prison

The concept of a joke is a very old one. The word comes from Latin, and the Latin word is from the Proto-Indo-European root “to speak.” The idea of joking is as old as the idea of language itself. Dick jokes are basically antiques and should be carefully wrapped up like the precious gifts they are.

A businessman from Ahmedabad who was on his way to Dubai for a meeting joked about being a “suicide bomber” at the security-check in Mumbai International Airport. The report of Times Of India – 35-year-old Atul Patel can now face 6 years in prison if convicted.

Atul, an owner of a travel agency, allegedly told the CISF official at the security-check that he was a “suicide bomber” and they should check him quickly. While he was joking, the security took it seriously and was immediately tightened because a day before the airport authorities had received a mail stating that explosives were being boarded on three flights.

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The CISF officials examined Patel, who owns a travel agency, for almost an hour and handed him over to the police after no explosive was found. His baggage was sent for screening but nothing was found.

Atul Patel has now been booked under sections 505 (rumor to intent cause fear) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC. He did joke with the law & security and now his life taken a long joke mode.

Joking on security thread is not new, unfortunately, On June 27, Sahar Police booked unknown persons under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for sending a threat mail to Mumbai airport.

The email claimed that three flights there were loaded with explosives, one of which was on its way to Newark in the US from Mumbai.

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