Mumbai School Denied To Take Admission of a Boy Because His Mother Is A Single Parent

In India, where patriarchy is quite prevalent, a single mother is treated differently from someone who has a husband. Single moms often face illicit approaches by other men, ranging from mild flirtations to subtle hints to sexual harassment.

It becomes particularly disturbing for those women who have been victims of harassment, abuse, and domestic violence. This adds to their stress and they often don’t share their grievances with anyone, fearing being judged. The idea of single mothers is yet to be accepted by society. India is a patriarchal society and it is hard for many to accept the mother’s document when it comes to authorizing if a child is eligible for admissions under RTE.

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Newly, a video went viral on social media which was posted by Sujata Mohite. Sujata is a single parent of her loving son. In the video, Sujata is seen seeking admission for her child in St. Lawerence Vashi.

Sugata was clearly denied admission for her child because she is a single parent by the lawmaker of the school because they can’t handle the children of single parents. The lady clearly said they don’t grant admission to children of single parents.

The lady in the video was seen losing her temper on Sugata and the person who accompanied her. When Sugata charged her if the seats were already full as claimed by her then how come she asked her son to sit for the test before she got to know Sugata is a single parent.

Where did the Right to Education flee away? No children can ever be denied education and most importantly it shouldn’t matter if the child has a single parent or both the parents. Education is for everyone!

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The Right to Education Act 2009, clearly casts an obligation on the Government and local authorities to give and ensure admission, attendance and completion of elementary education by all children in the 6-14 age group.

This is an unfortunate a woman can’t understand the feeling of other women. A school doesn’t know what it means when our constitution offers the right to education.

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