Muslim votes Vs Hindu votes in Uttar Pradesh

We don’t want to speak about votes based on the religion but need to address when votes are based on the religion.

For 2019’s election, the opposition is in the race to win Muslim votes. The population of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh is approximately 19.23%. Muslim votes are further in the urban area as a parallel to the rural area.

The percentage of Muslim votes in urban is stronger than 32% and in the rural area, the percentage of Muslim votes is 16%. East of Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest Muslim banks in India.

Traditionally, Muslim votes of Uttar Pradesh (East) always goes to Congress and Samajwadi Party. In Vidhansabha election of 2012, 56 percent of Muslim votes from this region were gone to Congress and Samajwadi Party

66% of Muslims votes were gone Congress and Samajwadi Party in the last Loksabha Election. 21percentage of votes were gone to BSP and rest went to the other parties.

According to the above data, it can be said the Favourite Party for Muslim are Congress and Samajwadi party and B.S.P is the third choice.

One more interesting thing is that, where Muslim votes are huge, Hindu Votes are mostly were gone to Bhartiya Janta Party. Where the Muslim votes are less than 30%, BJP managed to get 43% of Hindu Votes and where Muslim votes are more than 30%, above the 46% of Hindu votes went to BJP.

There are a total of 80 seats in Loksabha in which 2 dozens of Loksabha region has more than 20% of Muslim votes

Narendra Modi will again fight the election from the Varanasi because this can polarize people from east Uttar Pradesh and Bihar also.

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