New Avengers: Endgame Trailer and Poster are released by Marvel Studios

One of the most awaiting series of this year, Avenger 4: Endgame. A few months back teaser was released but now the trailer has been officially released today and Marvel has released the poster also. Avengers is going to be on last battle against Thanos. This movie will release on 26 April.

Trailer is about 2:28 minutes and the theme for this trailer is we will fight till last breath. In this trailer, Tony Stark (Iron-Man), Thor, Hawk Eye, Captain America, Black Widow and Ant-man are there. They all will fight against Thanos to bring their friends back.

The first time, It’s shown the entry of Captain Marvel in Avenger. Director of Avenger: Endgame is Russo who will come to India for the promotion of this movie.

In a teaser, It was shown how helpless Tony Stark is, but in this trailer, it is clearly shown, he has come back to the Earth and he is going to fight against Thanos together with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Every Avengers wore Quantum suit in this movie and fans around the Internet has made their presumption that they will go back in time to make everything right.

Marvel Studios has also released the poster for this movie. Avenger: infinity war was the most grossing Hollywood movie in India.

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