Noida’s Hospital is On Fire.

Fire in Noida’s hospital. This incident happened in Metro Hospital at Noida sector12. The hospital was not ready to counter this situation. People were going gaga, they were trying to jump from the building. Since the fire has spread on the top floor of the building, it was not easy to jump and stay safe on the floor but people had no choice instead of jumping. This kind of situation gets blunder when preventive measures are not taken as per needed. Staffs of the hospital were not ready to tackle this kind of situation, they were not trained for this. The main problem of this tremendous situation was that in a hospital many come who are aged or with physical disabilities, they can’t even squirm to save themselves from the fire.

Even short circuits take a huge incident if no proper response was given to it. Maybe this was also the reason this hospital got this huge fire. This hospital is very famous in the city, many heart people to come here treatment. This kind of hospital takes huge money from the patient but they fail to provide some basic security and service.

Later, the patient was transferred to Noida sector’s 11 hospitals.


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