Olivia Colman: her Ancestor was from India

Bihari is in every corner of the world and they always use to make proud India and Bihar. And now this is also big news coming which can make a Bihari proud. This is related to Oscar winner, this is about Olivia Coman who won the best actress in lead for “The Favourite”.

Only a few people who know she has a connection with India. She has a connection with Bihar of India. A few years back, Olivia was realized that her ancestors were used to live in India.

She came to India for confirming and knowing more for her ancestors. She found many interesting things about her ancestor. In a British documentary, “Who do you think you are?” it was shown that she is on India Tour, she goes to Kishanganj in Bihar where she found a connection of her relative.

Many years ago her ancestor was used to live in Kishanganj. One of her ancestor, Richard Campbell who born at the bank of Africa, St. Helena but as a worker of east India company he worked in London and Kolkata. Son of Richard, Charles had a connection from Kishanganj.

To find more about him, Olivia came to the old British club in Kishanganj. She found the Marriage certificate of Charles and Harriet. Harriet was born in 1807 at Kishanganj. She said in the documentary that the mother of Harriet was maybe local. When Harriet was of 4 years, her father died, her grandmother given some money to her mother so that she can bring her to London.

When Harriet was 24 years, she came to Kolkata. She married to Trick in 1832. After the death of her husband, she married Charles in 1838 and she came back to India. Olivia was thinking that none in her family is a foreigner but she was wrong.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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