Pakistan is in the bomb scare.

Every Indian were use to ask to give open hands to the Indian Army and Airforce. And a few days back, PM Narendra Modi was already given the open choices to Indian Army to reply terrorism in their own words. And today’s morning at 3:30 AM, Indian Air Force has attacked with 1000kg of the bomb from 12 Miraj fighter plane in reply of the 300kg which was used in Pulwama attack. It was surgical strike version two.

After this action of Indian Air force, whole Pakistan in agitation and people of Pakistan’s border are leaving to the center or another side, people of Pakistan are frightened. The foreign minister of Pakistan has called for an emergency meeting. This time, Pakistan has released a video from their side. Indian border across the Kashmir is on High alert.

This is real condolence who lost their brother in Pulwama attack, It is a real convenience to the daughter who has lost their father in Pulwama attack.

Proof for the surgical strike was asked by Pakistan and as well as with the opposition party but this Pakistan has released the video itself.

This is the first time after Kargil war when the Indian Air Force has attacked in revenge, attacked in anger.

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