Pakistan will cry for food and water!

India is in revenge mode. After the Pulwama Attack, every Indian just want to take revenge from Pakistan. And this is how revenge will be taken from Pakistan, Cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari has given a hint in his speech at Baghpat on Wednesday. A deal which was happened in 1960, Three rivers were compromised and 80% of water is being given according to the Indus Water Treaty. Now the waters from those rivers will be diverted from there to Yamuna River.

Whenever demands of taking vengeance from Pakistan arise, the first thing Indian citizens incline to stop the flow of India’s share water to Pakistan.
Between India and Pakistan deal of Indus Water Treaty was happened 19 September 1960, in which India has total rights at Satlej, Ravi and Beas River. In the west region, at Sindhu, Chenab, and Jhelum has rights to Pakistan but India can use a limited amount of that water. According to deal, India gives 80% of the water of 6 rivers to Pakistan.

Irrigation of 2.6 crore acre land of Pakistan depends on Sindhu River. If India stops the flow of water, In most of the reason, the people of Pakistan will cry for water. Irrigation and Hydro-Electricity purpose will get totally affected. After the Pulwama Attack India is trying to isolate Pakistan from all four corners.

The government has already taken from Most favor Nation from Pakistan. Products which were used to import in India are now worthless. Businessman of Indore has now stopped buying Date and Rock Salt from Pakistan. These products worth more than many crores are now getting ruined in Amritsar border and Karachi Port. Customs Duty from government has hiked so much and businessman has also in conscience that they will buy seel Pakistani products.

A container of date which was costing for 2 lakh 22 thousand are now is for Rs.30 lakhs after the general taxes and 200% customs duty. Indian traders have denied that they can’t import with these prices.

Indian farmers have also taken a big step, they have now stopped exporting vegetables to Pakistan and this is really affecting to Pakistan. The prices for vegetables has now touched the sky in lahore, karahci and other cities of Pakistan. Indian Businessman and Farmers are not on border but they are doing well to teach the lesson to Pakistan.

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Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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