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Pakistani Anchor Gets Savagely Trolled For Falsifying ‘Abhinandan’ In PM Modi’s Speech

It’s not new when Pakistani media has shown their intelligence(We’re absolutely kidding) with their reporting. When he used the word Abhinandan, he meant congratulations but the Pakistani TV anchor mistook it with the name of Indian Air Force officer pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, who was kept captive in Pakistan post-Balakot air strike.

Modi has won the election and will be working for the second time now. After acquiring marginally win, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed 353 MPs from the party & alliance at the Central Hall of Parliament on Saturday.

The video of the Pakistani anchor trending on Twitter, in which the person asserts that even after the elections he has not disremembered of the IAF pilot.

Twitter is very quick to respond at anything and it did not take long rather for the netizens to pick on this and he got trolled for his silly reporting.

We still can’t hope for Pakistani Media for not doing such mistakes again!

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