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Pakistani Man Rides With A Cow On His Motorbike, Watch The Viral Video

A 54-second clip of a man sitting with a cow on his motorbike has gone viral on social media sites. According to a DailyMail report, the video was shot in Pakistan, features two motorbikes riding alongside on a road. The bike which has two riders is shooting the other one with the cow on it.

A passerby, who is also record-keeping can be heard saying, “Kamaal. Yeh Pakistani jugaad hai, (Wow, this is a Pakistani hack)” in the video. While the bike rider beams at the camera, the passerby commemorates the calmness of being indifferent, who is tied up to its neck in a piece of cloth and made to sit on the vehicle.

After viral, the video gathered many reactions online. While many found the video funny, others described it animal abuse. “This is illegal on so many counts! At the very least, driving laws and animal protections law!”

See how people have reacted on the incidents:

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