Patna Metro Rail Project has got Green Flag

This is good news for Bihar. After a long wait, the proposal of Patna Metro has been accepted. BJP Government has given green signal to it. After the cabinet meeting, the government has now agreed for it. On 17 February, PM Modi will do emplace for it. There will two corridors of Patna Mero: East-West will 16.94km in which 5.49 km will be elevated and 11.21 km will be underground and it will have 12 station

and North-South will be of 14.45 km in which 9.90 elevated and 5.55 km will be underground and it will also have 12 stations.

The total length of the Patna Metro will be 31.39 km. According to DPR of Patna Metro, this project will get done by 2024.

The total budget for this project has been announced by 13,411 crores. The depo for the first corridor will be at Etwarpur and the depo for the second corridor will be at ISBT.

PM Narendra Modi will come to Barauni for Expansion of oil refinery in the same programme, he will do emplace of Patna Metro Rail.

On February 6, the investor board has passed this project and 40% of the whole budget will equally divide between Cabinet and state government and rest 60% of the budget will be taken the loan.

Metro Rail to Patna’s people is like getting their dream true, like any other metropolitan cities Patna will also get service of comfortable transportation.

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