PM Modi Compared his 55 Months to 55 years of Congress

PM Modi spoke for his 55 months of government and told about his achievements in the last 5 years.
He said in 55 years 12 crore connection of gas was delivered but just in 55 months, 13 core gas connection got delivered. He said people of India was fed up with Congress and people wanted not wanted to see Congress in 2014 and people have realized that their choices were absolute truth.Modi also spoke about, how mixed party government does their jobs. While PM Modi was speaking against the opposition, the opposition started shouting in the house. PM Modi reminded to the opposition that they were only delivered 30 lakhs houses in 55 years but just in 55 months more than 1, 30,000 houses have been delivered to the people. Before his government, only 59 villages were got the optical fiber connection but just in 5 months, 1 lakh 16 thousand villages have got optical fiber.
PM Modi made congress cry river out. He also spoke his achievements with the poem. PM Modi reminded, how the commonwealth corruption did congress. Where the Country was proud to get this chance but Congress were thinking, how they can do corruption in those.
Mudra Yojana how helped unemployed people to get their dream true. Rs.7 lakh crore was given to the people who did not have any choices and with no guarantees. In his government, the Indian army didn’t have a bulletproof jacket, proper shoes etc.

They asked Congress when they were proud of being an 11th most economically strong country then why are Congress is upset about coming 6th in the list. Indian Air Force was needed Rafale for so many years but Congress didn’t do that because they were seeking money under the table. He also said Congress has never done any security deal without any corruption.

He said, In his government, with zero tolerance every corrupt people is getting the result of their deeds. He said he will do anything to stop black money whether some people like or not, whether they try to stop me but I will not.


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Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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